Wall Graphics Printing

4 Important Factors for Successful Wall Graphics Printing

Wall graphics are affordable and creative prints that can help liven up any bare wall. A well-designed print can be a great conversation piece. The process of printing wall graphics may seem daunting to some because of the different options one needs to consider for quality prints. Here, you'll know the basic components of wall graphic prints.

Be on the lookout for the following factors before ordering from a reliable printer, and you'll be surprised by how easy it is to transform your space and give it a fresh, custom look.

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  • Material

    Wall Graphics- Photo Tex Material



    A reusable wall graphic is printed on a high quality material called matte adhesive fabric. The product is UV protected for longer lasting prints ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Only quality stock and UV inks are used to produce this versatile tool for business or personal use. These two materials, paired with proper care for your print, will lead to long lasting wall graphics worth every penny.

  • Size

    Wall Graphics- Laura



    This factor depends on how and where you’ll use the print. If you’re planning on using it for store promotion, then it would be best to choose a bigger size for customers to easily see it. UPrinting’s wall graphics come in sizes ranging from from 8" x 8" up to something as big as 58" x 100".

    If you’re planning on printing wall decals over 45" x 60" , it’s ideal to have your print tiled. This is the process of dividing your artwork to different panels that are printed separately. The pieces that compose your print can be arranged once you receive and apply them.

  • Quantity




    Print 1 to 50 copies of your design with a reputable online printing company that will ensure the quality of your product no matter how many or few you order. Wall decals are digitally printed using our Epson Stylus Pro GS6000 printers with solvent inks. This means that your printed materials are produced quicker without risking the quality. An advantage of digital printing is its fast and efficient process that can be done in one business day.

  • Design

    Wall Graphics- Vintage Prints


Wall Graphics - Undoboy



A wall decal can contain different images, text, and other design elements. Possibilities are limitless when it comes to the design, since you have the final say on what’s included in your print. A family portrait that you wish to display, various photos from your last vacation, even your favorite photos of your pets can be decorative pieces you can stick to your wall. As long as the design is not offensive in any way, you’re good to go.

A wall graphic is ideal for multiple uses without you worrying about adhesive residues left on the wall. This means you can change the position of your material whenever you want. It is also printed using only quality and equipment and materials that ensure the premium quality of your product. When you're ready to go through with your wall graphic printing project, contact us and we'll help you turn your drab walls into fine works of art!