Surf Stickers

Design Your Surfboards with Creative Stickers

Surfing is arguably the coolest activity that you can do at the beach. While most people would prefer taking it easy on the shore, those looking for an adrenaline rush should try riding the waves with their surfboards for an awesome experience.

Since the surfboard would be your best buddy in this activity, you could make it look more personal by attaching surf stickers to it. These are waterproof custom stickers that are designed to attach to the board surface.

If you are wondering what styles of surf stickers would make your board look rad, below are 30 creative samples used by surfers to help you come up with your own design:


Disclaimer: The exact specifications for some of the products shown below may not be offered by Images are provided solely for the purpose of design inspiration. For details on what options and customization offers, please call 1-888-888-4211.

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If you have a surf sticker design in mind, then you can use UPrinting’s Easy Design Tool, which enables you to upload images and insert texts and shapes to create your design. For those who have created their design and have the file ready for upload, you can send it to us so we can print your high-quality sticker printing at affordable prices. Just choose if you want to go for standard or roll stickers for you to start your order. Call us or click on our Live Chat Assistance button for more details.