Movie Poster Printing

Bring Out the Cinema Lover in You with Movie Posters

The film industry have become an indelible part of American culture as it has spawned movie buffs who have long elevated movies as a legitimate art form and independent filmmakers who have had aspirations to walk the red carpet. However, one aspect in the experience of film viewing is the movie poster. Originally intended to generate buzz about the movie, these print materials are now viewed as collector's items and attractive wall decors, especially the creative ones.

Movie posters are exclusive materials used only for promotional purposes by the film production company and has made it difficult for people to grab a copy of these posters. For aspiring filmmakers, especially for those without any design experience, creating a poster of their movie from scratch may not be the wisest way to spend their time. But with the right design tool and knowledge, you may just pull it off.

Below are a few tips on how to create movie posters through our site:
  • Be inspired. For filmmakers, search for movie posters within your genre to get ideas on how you could proceed with creating yours. Take note of the colors used, the subject, the font face and the effects employed to formulate your own movie poster concept. For movie buffs who want posters of their favorite movies printed, simply search the Internet for digital images of the posters. Select the poster image with the highest resolution for the best result.
  • Be creative. This is where the fun begins. Movie buffs won’t have much input on this one if their intention is to simply get the original artwork movie poster printed on their choice of size and material. With filmmakers, however, they can use a free online program to create their posters. The program should let you upload images, as well as insert texts and shapes to complete your poster concept.
  • Get someone else to be creative for you. If you simply do not have the patience to create a poster for your movie, hire a designer do the work for you! All you need to do is provide him or her with a detailed explanation of your poster concept and what you want to achieve with it.
  • Use the appropriate poster material. There are poster products that work best for specific uses. If you want your posters to be printed on card or paper stock with matte or gloss coating, you may want to try out bulk posters. For high-quality prints produced on one of the most durable stocks in the market, you may want to give large format posters a try. Lastly, mounted posters allow you to print your movie posters on rigid board stock for extra durability.

Relive the movies you've loved all your life by having them printed on different poster materials at UPrinting. For filmmakers, there’s no better way to live the glory of cinema by creating one of your own and producing a movie poster using our printing services. Call us at 1-888-888-4211 to inquire about our poster printing services.

Try these poster ideas to make designing and creating these prints a bit easier! Call now to learn more on our poster printing services.