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Gloss vs Semi Gloss: Choosing the Right Shine

It can be difficult to choose between glossy and semi-glossy poster paper. If it's your first large-format printing project, you might find the small differences a little confusing. Almost everyone knows the differences between glossy and matte. The distinction between gloss and semi-gloss finishes, however, are much more subtle.

Glossy photo paper has a glass-like shine and is very reflective. This gives your images better contrast and makes for vibrant colors.

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Semi-gloss photopaper is exactly like it sounds. It's reflective, but has a much softer shine than glossy photo paper. The colors and lines are not quite as vibrant or defined, but much better than what you would find on matte paper stock.

One might think it's always best to go with glossy photo paper. Well, not necessarily- it all depends on the lighting conditions in the places where you would display your posters. In intense lighting conditions, it can be difficult to see images or text printed on glossy paper. In spaces with intense or bright lighting, glossy photo paper would be a poor choice for posters. Semi-gloss would be a much better choice in these situations.

Semi gloss photo paper is also great for presentations or business graphics since reflective glare from your prints will be much less of a problem. Glossy paper, however, will be much better in areas with soft lighting or for photos where image accuracy is more important. If you have questions about poster paper and supplies, call us at 1-888-888-4211.