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Marketing Brochure Samples

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Brochures are definitely a great way to pique an audience's interest. That is, if your brochures are actually interesting to begin with. It can be difficult to design prints that not only informative, but interesting as well. The challenge in creating prints that work for your intended audience is a tightrope act of balance and composition.

We compiled a few marketing brochure sample designs to inspire your very own brochures! If you like these designs, please learn more about the designers and their other works. Who knows? Maybe one of these days your brochures will be featured somewhere too!

Disclaimer: Images on this page are not owned by UPrinting and are used solely as design examples. Please click on the images to see their original sources.

19 Marketing Brochure Samples That Inspire!

Marketing Brochure Sample - David Dayco 01
Marketing Brochure Sample -David Dayco 02
By: David Dayco

Marketing Brochure Sample 0 Michael Schepis
By: Michael Schepis

Marketing Brochure Sample - Matt Chase
By: Matt Chase

Marketing Brochure Sample - Studio MIKMIK

Marketing Brochure Sample - Florencia Saltamartini
By: Florencia Saltamartini

Marketing Brochure Sample - Jean Passion
By: Jean Passion

Marketing Brochure Sample - Stuart Ford
By: Stuart Ford

Marketing Brochure Sample - Jean Jacques
by ~Jaan-Jaak

Marketing Brochure Sample - Roman Krikheli
By: Roman Krikheli

Marketing Brochure Sample - Drygas
By: drygas

Marketing Brochure Sample - Ahmed Wahid
By: Ahmed Wahid

Marketing Brochure Sample - Rammal
By: RaMMaL

Marketing Brochure Sample
By: Mihail Pitertsev

Marketing Brochure Sample - Eugenio orteg
By: Eugenio Ortega

Marketing Brochure Sample - Pamphlet

There you have it! We hope these 19 marketing brochure sample designs will inspire your own! Don't restrict yourself to just brochures when looking for ideas, though. Other prints like flyers and greeting cards also use the same general design principles and can be used to make prints. In fact, inspiration can be found just about anywhere. Knowing to look however, is something only you could answer.

If you have any marketing or business brochures printing questions, call us at 1-888-888-4211 or contact us through our chat service! Find out how UPrinting can help you with your marketing catalog or brochure printing needs! We also print folded marketing brochures; you can choose between half fold and tri-fold brochure printing.