Large Format Printing

Large Format Custom Printing Facts You Need To Know

Large format printing also known as wide-format printing or grand printing is a new trend for medium of advertisement today. There are many ways to reach a consumer now. Print medium like POPs, billboards, banners, etc. are seen everywhere targeting a consumer. Since it’s becoming a popular print medium, it is important to know what large format printing is, its product specifications, uses, and functional advantages.

large format printing

1. Printing process. The process for printing large format prints is the same with digital printing, except that, it uses a larger scale of printers with nozzles. Paper stocks are fed on the printer where the ink is directly applied onto the material. Its printing phase is faster and the final product is produced with high quality colors.

2. Printers. With the advancement in machine technology, printers for large format scale product offers reliable fa st printing process. It produces high quality prints using CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key color Black) color combination on chosen paper specification. The maximum size width for oversized prints is 61 inches.

3. Pigment (UV Ink).This type of ink is aqueous or more popularly known as water based. UV ink is dull in color but perfect for printing materials for outdoor use because it is UV resistant making the colors on large format prints fades resistant too. If you are going to display your prints outside, choose a UV ink for producing your stuff.

4. Products and uses.

a. Semi Gloss High Gloss. These are paper based stocks used for posters for indoor use. Suitable for producing movie posters, tradeshow displays, photo prints, and retail graphics.

b. Mounted Posters. These prints are mounted on 3/16 gator board. Ideal for displaying photos as POP or as interior decors for your office or home.

c. Vinyl Banners. Popular for outdoor use because these prints are produced using UV inks that are fade resistant. Ideal for printing trade show banners, sport banners, and exhibit displays.

d. Canvas. Art reproductions, personal photos, and other type of print masterpieces look good on quality canvas. You may choose from rolled or wrapped canvas depending on your design preference and use.

e. Wall Graphics. If you want to pimp your walls with amazing designs, wall graphics or also known as wall stickers provides an adhesive back to stick on walls. They are repositionable and also fade resistant.

5. Growing consumers. Businesses nowadays that rely on using large format advertisement prefer cheap printing cost with faster turnaround. This is the reason why more consumers are switching to large format printing giving them the right quantity of material to use, easier to produce prints, and cheaper to pay production cost with almost the same quality compared to other type of printing process.

With the growing demand for reaching a consumer, businesses are investing on different types of media to expose themselves to the market. This is the reason why large format prints are becoming more popular today. You may check out our website or call our hotline to get more information about custom printing in large scales.