What Is Color Printing?

Advantages of Printing in Full Color

Color printing is the process of reproducing a digital file or printed image in color as opposed to printing in monochrome (black and white, sepia). The process of color printing produces more appealing marketing materials and livelier copies of images and/or photographs. Color printing is commonly employed using the CMYK printing process. This process can be done either through a digital or offset press.

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Color Printing

Advantages of Color Printing


Almost all printing companies use color printing as compared to pantone. You can assume that CMYK printing process is available to most printing companies whether online or not.


Although monochrome is classic and artistic, color printing is still a standard since it brings about livelier images. The photos are more realistic and the images are vibrant.


Custom printing in pantone is more expensive than color printing because of the extra production costs needed for washing up and changing the inks in the presses especially for 2 or more pantone matching system (PMS).

Color helps improve the readability and appearance of your marketing tools. For better advertising reach and effectiveness, plan your color printing project and make a design especially tailored for your promotional needs.