Bulk Mailing Services

UPrinting’s Guidelines for Mass Mailing

Addressing, sorting, and dropping off promotional materials for mailing to the local USPS can be such a hassle especially when it’s in bulk. That is why we at UPrinting offer you our bulk mailing service – give us a call and we’ll be glad to do it for you! UPrinting’s bulk mailing service makes it possible for you to send your promotional materials straight from the press to your clients’ mailboxes.

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Bulk Mailing Services

All you need to do is to remember these guidelines and we’re good to go.

• Our minimum quantity for mailing service is 500 up to as much as 100,000. The more items you have us deliver, the lower the cost gets.

• If you have a mailing list,organize it according to our mailing service representative’s instructions. It is usually done in a database application like MS Excel. If you don’t have a list of your own, you can rent a mailing list from us! All we need is the demographics of your target market.

• For folded prints, we can do tabbing or insert them in an envelope. Custom folds however, are most likely non-mailable and are required to become mailed inserts.

You don’t have to go through all the hassle included in doing bulk mail, all you need to do is to have your marketing materials printed with us and we’ll gladly mail it for you for a reasonable, additional cost. Call us at our hotline, 1-888-888-4211 and ask for our mailing service representative for more information.