Sample Business Brochure

10 Sample Business Brochures for Design Inspiration

Business brochures don’t have to be dull and boring. You can add a little twist to your brochures’ design to interest new and existing clients. To have highly effective brochures, make them visually attractive by including eye-popping images, choosing the right colors, sticking to a theme, and making the over-all design stand out. Get some ideas from these skillfully and creatively designed business brochures:



Disclaimer: The exact specifications for some of the products shown below may not be offered by UPrinting. Images are provided solely for the purpose of design inspiration. For details on what options and customization UPrinting offers, please call 1-888-888-4211.

Sample Business Brochure - Design Has No Name

Design Has No Name: A neatly designed real estate brochure that works best for corporate identity branding.


Sample Business Brochure - Jerod Husar

Jerod Husar: The use of three colors worked well for this community planning and design company brochure.

Sample Business Brochure - Niall O'Kelly

Niall O'Kelly: The white border and text would be nice.

Sample Business Brochure - Un.titled

Un.titled: The violet and white combination looks great with this brochure made for Walsh and Jenkins.

Sample Business Brochure - Armada Design

Armada Design Group: The use of colors green and blue is soothing to the eyes.

Sample Business Brochure - Steve Loftis

Steve Loftis: Typography is where the focus lies in this business brochure sample. This also works as a resume.

Sample Business Brochure - Lukasz Slotwinski

Lukasz Slotwinski: It's nice to look at this housing estate brochure so your eyes don't get tired.

Sample Business Brochure - Lukasz Slotwinski

Lukasz Slotwinski: How about a plain but attractive color for your brochure?

Sample Business Brochure - Shay Isdale Design

Shay Isdale Design: White makes the pastel- and dark-shaded blue images and text look prominent.

Sample Business Brochure - Liat Dessau

Liat Dessau: A hip design works for this technology brochure.

We hope this design round up would help you create your own business brochures. With your creativity and UPrinting's support, you may even make a design that bests these examples. After creating your own design, go ahead and start your business brochure printing with us. Don't forget to check out the list of printing and design resources below that may help you make your design. If you have other stunning and professional business brochure designs in mind that you may want to add, feel free to contact us via Live Chat or dial 1-888-888-4211.

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