Custom Jewelry Hang Tag Marketing

Custom Jewelry Hang Tag Design and Marketing Tips

Hang tags are effective tools for creating brand image for your jewelry products; these are an important part of marketing your product's overall packaging. They are a stylish way to showcase your brand logo, product name, and other useful details about your product. Since these prints are your way to present yourself to target market, make sure to create a hang tag design that will catch their interest. The quality and design of your hang tags speaks a lot about the jewelry product you showcase. Here are some designing and marketing tips that can help you create an appealing jewelry hang tag that sells!

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Design Tips

Die-cut shapes. If you want a unique look for your prints, choose a die-cut shape same as your design. You can use the shape of your logo or the shape of the jewelry you are selling. Usually, jewelry hang tags are smaller in size. There are also default die-cut shapes offered here at leaf, slim rounded corner, square rounded corner, half circle side, circle, and standard size rounded corner.

Matching string. Jewelry hang tags are usually attached to the item itself. To make your product look more elegant, choose a string that matches your design and is appropriate to the color of the jewelry you are selling.

• Hole drilling size and location.
The standard hole drilling sizes available in our website are 3/16” or 1/4”. Just choose the right size for strings. You can choose from hole drill locations: top center, top left, and top right. Make sure the hole location won’t mess the design you created.

Jewelry Hang Tag

Marketing Tips

Information. Product hang tags are also like business cards. You can add contact information on them. The name of your company and brand, your phone numbers, websites, and email addresses are important details that your audience needs to know. Since hang tags are handy, your market can keep them for future reference.

Instructions. Jewelry needs to be taken care of after purchase to maintain its beauty. You can add care instructions at the back of your prints. This can make your print useful for your target market.

Discount tags. Price discounts can easily attract attention from buyers. You can use your jewelry hang tags to indicate discounts on items you are promoting. Many buyers prefer to buy products that are in good quality at the same time, budget-friendly.

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Custom jewelry hang tags are appropriate for labeling earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and watches. Your accessories will look presentable with these prints. See to it that the labeling item you present to them has both good design and marketing use. Contact UPrinting, a hang tag manufacturer, and have your prints produced!