Wedding Yard Signs

Yard Signs for Garden Weddings

A wedding plays a crucial part in every couple’s life. This event is special for soon-to-be newlyweds and the way the wedding is arranged should reflect just that — especially when they're having a garden wedding. Garden weddings never fail to make memorable moments for couples!

Garden weddings make you want to tell the world what the celebration is all about. Remember how fond people are of putting up “Happy Birthday“ banners or “Congratulations” posters? Admit it; you have probably done that at one point just like the next guy. They set the mood of the celebration. Now, remember how happy you were the very minute you got engaged? A big moment like that probably left you screaming with joy. That feeling should show on all your wedding materials. Express how happy you are and set the mood for your special day. Wedding yard signs are perfect means to do just that.

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Wedding Yard Signs

Yards signs are also a great way to point your guests towards the right direction to your wedding! If your guests are unfamiliar with the area where you're having your garden wedding, put some signs up to ensure that no one gets lost. If you're worried about signs getting wet due to rain, no need to worry! Some yard sign printing companies offer waterproof boards.

We offer wedding yard signs made of waterproof plastic boards. It’s as much as 1/8” thick and made for easy set up. For further inquiries, call us at 1-888-888-4211. Our customer support representatives are ready to assist you with your custom yard signs.