Standard Postcard Size

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Standard Postcard Size

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Standard Postcard Size Information for Printing, Design & Mailing

Size matters when you order postcards online, get them printed, and then mailed. Whether used for businesses or households, knowing the standard postcard sizes would help you determine how much budget you need. It's also important to note that a postcard size has to comply with mailing regulations if you want to send them out to people.

To give you an idea of the standard sizes we offer for flat and folded postcards, as well as learn how we process orders for printing or mailing, here's a list of questions we gathered from our customers.

Q: What are the standard postcard sizes you offer?

A: For flat postcards, we have 4" x 6", 4.25" x 6", 5" x 7", 5.5" x 8.5", 6" x 9", and 6" x 11".

Standard Postcard Size - Flat Postcards

Folded postcards are also available in these standard sizes: 8.5" x 6", 10" x 7", 11" x 8.5", 12" x 9", and 12" x 11" for half-fold sizes and 12.75" x 6", 15" x 7", and 16.5" x 8.5", for letterfold sizes. The standard sizes we offer for folded cards, once they're folded, match the ones for flat cards. To explain further, look at the illustration below:

Standard Postcard Size - Folded Postcards

For other standard folded postcard sizes, see the screen shot below or go to our folded postcard printing page and check out the instant price calculator.

Standard Postcard Size - Price Calculator

Q: Do the postcard sizes have to be in a landscape orientation?

A: No they don’t. Some assume that sizes are always in landscape but you can actually opt to have them either in landscape or portrait orientation, depending on your design file. However, if you’re going to mail the cards without envelopes, you have to make sure that the back side adheres to mailing requirements (see postal guide below), and should be in landscape orientation. These are sample images of 6” x 11” postcard size both in landscape and portrait:

Standard Postcard Size - Orientation

Q: What are the postcard sizes that can be mailed in bulk and those that comply with the mailing regulations?


A: All standard postcard sizes, from 4” x 6” up to 6” x 11” (flat or folded to size), can be mailed. When talking about compliance with mailing regulations, these sizes fit within the requirements of United States Postal Service (USPS).

Q: What are the postage rates that apply to these mailable postcard sizes?

A: Rates will vary depending on the size you choose. 4” x 6” and 4.25” x 6” sizes qualify for First Class Card rate while 4.5” x 6” up to 6” x 11”, whether flat or folded to size, qualify for either First Class Letter rate or Standard Bulk rate. To know the specific prices, check out our postcard page’s mailing tab.


Q: Is there really no way to mail out my cards if they don't comply with the USPS requirement?


A: If clients cannot change the layout of their design or cannot stick to the standard sizes that comply with USPS requirements, they can opt to have those inserted in envelopes for mailing but there would be extra cost. This would also apply on the folded cards/brochures - if folding is not mailable.


Clients can also opt to do a self-mailer - which involves manually stamping each postcard and dropping it off to the post office themselves. UPrinting can then be involved with just the printing of the postcards and printing the individual addresses called ink-jetting.


Q: How many days would it take for the postcards to be prepared and mailed?

A: After printing, it takes 2 to 3 business days for the mailing preparation. For folded postcards, we need to add 2 business days for tabbing on top of the printing and mailing preparation turnaround. It takes 3-5 business days nationwide for First Class mails while Standard Bulk mails will take 5-14 business days nationwide, for mailing in transit.

* Seasonal volume and adverse weather conditions may affect the timeliness of delivery. We cannot guarantee the arrival of mail pieces by a certain date.

Q: Is there a specific format to follow in creating a design or layout for a standard postcard size for mailing?

A: Although we let our customers make their custom postcard designs, we set specific requirements for their cards’ layouts. Mailing templates would help you know where to place mailable addresses, postal markings, and indicia.

Standard Postcard Size - Postal Guide Template
Standard Postcard Size - Postal Guide Design Sample
If you have other questions on postcard sizes, feel free to contact us through Live Chat or dial 1-888-888-4211.

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