Printing Greeting Cards Online

Six Reminders in Printing Greeting Cards Online

The advancements in technology have made printing greeting cards online much easier. Before, you would have to visit the printing place to order their greeting cards. Nowadays, professional online printing companies lets you order from their websites and call their customer service for your printing needs. As long as you choose one of these printing companies, you can be sure to receive high-quality greeting cards to be sent out to your family and friends.


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Online Greeting Card Printing

Here are some reminders for your online greeting card printing:

  • Use the right file format. The commonly preferred file formats are JPG, PDF, TIFF, PNG, TIF, EPS and DOC. Choosing the right file format will prevent your file from being returned to you for incompatibility issues.
  • Use high-resolution images. This is important to make your greeting cards more appealing. Sending a design with less than 300 dpi can result to pixelated or blurry images and ruin your design.
  • Make space for bleed. Make sure your file is within bleed or trim lines so that important content won’t be cropped in the cutting process. This is essential especially for those who use setup templates.
  • Check greeting cards online for inspiration. Browsing for other greeting cards gives you an idea on how your card should look like. Aside from checking out their designs, observe the greeting card material, folds and print quality to determine which of these works best for your cards.
  • Choose the right printing company. A company with an established name in the online printing industry that offers top-notch services is what you should look for. Check for online reviews of printing companies and see which of them offers what you want for your greeting cards.

Take note of these tips to help you make the right choice when printing your greeting cards online. Make sure to choose the right greeting card printing company to not only receive attractive greeting cards, but also enjoy convenient and hassle-free services.