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Size matters when it comes to using postcards as marketing tools. Likewise, you need to understand the different sizes available if you want to print postcards for personal purposes as well. Jumbo postcards with attractive designs can easily stand out in people's mailbox. Small printed cards on the other hand, cost less for both printing and mailing.

Small and standard-sized cards (4x6”, 4.25x6”, etc; see image below) may be used to show appreciation for the customers' loyalty, or send simple greetings to friends, relatives, or business associates. They can be given as invitations to events or as reply cards. Large-sized cards (6x9”, 6x11”, etc; see image) may be used for introducing businesses; they can include more details and photos while smaller ones can't.


postcard sizes 01

Choose the size of card in relation to the image and amount of text you want to include. The layout should not be overcrowded with design elements, nor should it be bare and empty. The rule of thumb in designing is 30-50% blank space.


Different Postcard Printing Size Options


Standard Sizes
These include 4x6” and 4.25x6” card sizes (see image above). You can use these to spread the word about your company without spending too much. These two are the most affordable to mail at First Class Card Rate of only $0.23 per piece. The cards can be sent with or without envelopes. Postcards at these sizes are typically used as business reply cards, event ticket passes, invitations, and discount coupons.


Medium Sizes
If you need more space on your postcards but don't want large-sized prints, printing 5x7” or 5.5x8.5” (see image for reference) is the way to go. These provide more space for your marketing copy and photos without the higher price of jumbo cards. Use them as mini brochures, program guides, calendars, or handouts during seminars.


Jumbo Sizes
Oversized postcards are effective ways to catch people's attention upon opening their mailboxes as these can have more text and larger images. Large-sized prints easily stand out among the piles of mail that your target audience recieve. With great designs and interesting content, oversized prints can help call attention to your message.


6x9” and 6x11” prints are the largest postcard sizes that you can mail. USPS (United States Postal Service) charged these as letters or large envelopes. See here. To qualify for mailing, bigger sizes like 8.5x11” cards can be folded into 2 or 3 panels; much like brochures.


Another thing that you should be aware of before printing your postcards are the mailing rates. The United States Postal Service (USPS) has different rates available for different postcard sizes. First Class Card Rate is available for 4x6” and 4.25x6” cards. First Class Letter and Standard Bulk Rates are available for 4.5x6” to 6x11” flat and folded cards (with tabbing and envelopes). You can check out the USPS prices here or contact our customer service representatives for assistance.