Political Yard Signs

How to Increase Campaign Effectiveness Using Political Yard Signs

Candidates usually consider using political yard signs for name recognition. No name recognition means no votes. Political yard signs have always been a favorite of candidates. However, there are also those who complain that these campaign materials demand significant amount of money, time, and resources. But using these yard signs are worth every dime.

Here are some tips to make your political yard signs cool but cost-effective.


Tip 1: Less is more. Better to just include the name of the candidate and the position he's running for. You don’t want voters to bypass these details! It’s the same as avoiding unnecessary words when you write. You put more emphasis on the important details that way.

Tip 2: Be ready to use icons! Recognized icons and logos can catch the voters’ eyes way better than unfamiliar names. Perhaps you should include an icon that best symbolizes your political party to get more attention.


Tip 3: Don’t overdo it. Use simple fonts which would allow drivers to read your yard signs in an instant — especially those who are just driving by. Use big, bold fonts for the candidate's name and the position desired. Remember, the purpose of political yard signs is to gain name recognition and not to be used as decoration.

Tip 4: Check color combinations. Of course, you don’t want to defeat the very purpose of political yard signs by using the wrong color combination. Make sure voters can read the name in broad daylight and at night. Follow the contrasting color rule. Be sure to combine dark fonts with a light background or vice versa.

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Local ordinances

Tip 5: Name it. Remember to include a disclaimer stating who paid for the ad. It’s not an option; it’s actually required by the law. This is applicable especially when you’re talking of large political yard signs.

Tip 6: Play it safe. Show you deserve their votes by following the law. Check the allowed sizes for political yard signs in your area. Unfortunately, there are strategic areas where you can’t place signs. Be sure that you’re well-informed about these things!


Tip 7: Output is of prime importance. Even with a good design in hand, it’s the final output that would matter the most! Make sure that your sign is eye-catching yet durable enough to withstand different weather conditions. Some printing companies print political yard signs on corrugated plastic. This material can make your yard signs last longer than most!

Tip 8: Place orders in advance. Avoid missing deadlines by doing business with a reliable printing company. UPrinting.com accepts a maximum of 50 quantities per order and is ready for shipping after two business days. Sizes range from 12" x 12” to 24" x 24”.


Tip 9: Mark the spots. Place your yard signs at strategic locations where there is a high voter population. Also, consider the daily traffic in the area. The heavier the traffic, the more people are exposed to your political yard signs.

Tip 10: Don’t invade residential areas. Some places require you to place political yard signs in public areas. Putting them in residential areas may bring you issues. Better avoid it than get into trouble. However, if you think placing them in residential areas will greatly affect your votes, make sure to put them only within entry or exit points. Better yet, ask home owners for their support and get their permission to put up signs on their lawns.

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