Tent Cards

The Impact of Tent Card Advertising

Tent cards, also known as table tents, are triangular table displays used to advertise products and services or promote discounts. A promotional design is printed on one side and the card is folded in a way that it is readable from both sides of the display.

A tent card is printed on flat card stock that has three score or fold lines. These lines guide you in assembling the card to form a triangular display. The space for the card base has slits that you can connect to form the bottom part of the table tent. When folded, two sides display the promotional layout while one side serves as the base.

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How your tent cards are displayed, whether vertically or horizontally, has an effect on your overall design. For example, a vertical display is more appropriate for an image of a wine bottle. Similarly, a photo of a seafood platter may look good on a horizontal layout. Be creative in deciding on your design.

The cardstock and tent card size also play an important role in the functionality of your table tent. A thick cardstock allows the tent card to stand on its own base and makes a durable counter display. With regard to table tent sizes, the standard size of 4.25” x 6” should be able to accommodate most of your designs without compromising their quality. However, a larger table tent size is required if your design does not fit or is altered when printed on a standard size.

Table cards can be easily seen by your customers, especially in restaurants where the displays are positioned on dinner tables. Therefore, print your tent cards with an appealing design to entice your clients to try out new products or come back for an upcoming sale.

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