Election Signs

Effective Election Sign Campaign Tips

There’s an old saying that goes “out of sight, out of mind.” Politicians know this to be true. Even the best candidate would fall without something to remind people of his name and what he has done. That’s why it’s important for supporters to pitch in and help the cause. If you’re a political supporter, then you need to put up election signs.

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Lawn signs can reach a wide audience and are cheaper than the alternatives. If placed at ideal spots, they could give your electoral bet that much needed push he/she deserves. Here are some tips on how to launch an effective lawn sign campaign.

Get Neighbors to Join

It shouldn’t be hard to find neighbors who share the same view on who should win the elections. A lawn sign campaign would be more effective if there are more people participating. Imagine a sea of lawn signs in, say, a suburban community — all in support of one candidate. That would definitely catch the attention of passersby. Also, you and your neighbors could pitch in and help reduce printing costs; no need to pay for all the lawn signs yourself, right?

Keep It Short

People sometimes forget that lawn signs are also intended for motorists and not just pedestrians. You need to make your signs as readable as possible. By staying on point, you increase your sign’s chances of getting noticed.

Use Strong Materials

If you’re going to build your own lawn signs, it’s best that you make them as weatherproof as possible. If you plan on having an online printing company do the work for you, you need to make sure that they use the right equipment and materials. Make sure that the stock they use is thick and that they can take on strong weather.

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