Custom Greeting Card Printing

Customization Options for Greeting Card Printing

Customizing your greeting cards sets your cards apart from the rest. Adding a personal touch to your cards make them more attractive and appealing.The design and the overall feel of your card will reflect the time and effort that you spend in creating them.

There are a number of ways you can customize your greeting cards – from size to its overall design. Here are some details that might help you with your cards:

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Below are some customization options for your greeting card printing:

  • Die-cut shape – Aside from the usual rectangular shape, you can select from different die-cut greeting cards such as rounded corners, half-circle side, oval and other shapes of your preference.
  • Size – The standard greeting card size is 5” x 3.5”. You can change it to 5” x 7” or to the size that suits your greeting card needs.
  • Coating – Choosing from different coating options (matte, gloss, and uncoated) helps make your greeting cards appear more attractive. There are companies that accommodate UV coating, which makes your cards scratch-resistant and your images crisper. If you wish to coat only a portion of the card, a spot UV option is available.
  • Envelope – If you wish against sending your greeting cards as is, you can place these inside any envelope type of your choice such as announcement, commercial, baronial and more.
  • Printed sides – You can have your greeting card printed front only or front and back, depending on your design.

These are few of the specifications you can change in your greeting card printing. You can call your printing company to ask them what customization options they offer.