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What You Need to Know About Cheap Calendar Printing

Calendars are not exactly something most of us would like to give a lot of thought to, but from a business point of view, they can be one of the most persistent promotional materials out there. A well-designed calendar can stay on a wall for over a year! This keeps your message in plain sight each time someone needs to look up a date.

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Perhaps surprisingly, no matter the time of the year, cheap calendar printing is something many of our customers look for. Here, we compiled some frequently asked questions. If you have any additional questions, please contact us at 1-888-888-4211!

Cheap Calendar Printing FAQ

Does cheap calendar printing mean I get shoddy calendars?
-Not at all. We believe in delivering the best product at costs lower than the competition could offer, and getting them to you a lot faster than they could. Our calendars are all printed on premium stock, and are a joy to touch as well as see!

You also have free, unlimited access to our design tool and get to have your files reviewed for free- none of our competitors offers anything close to these!

New Year's Eve is over! Even if it were cheap, why would I want to have calendars printed?
-While the fourth quarter of the year is generally the time people start designing calendars, many professional design houses may start a little earlier. The highly sought-after year-end calendar editions of many men's magazines are almost always planned around June! Also, there are several alternate calendars apart from the Gregorian Calendar, which most of us are familiar with. Many companies for example, would have internal fiscal calendars that start on days apart from the first of January. There are also some calendars designed to include more than the 12 months of just one year.

What kinds of calendars do you print?
- We print wall calendars, card calendars, and poster calendars. Please visit our calendar printing page for a more comprehensive list of products.

How are your calendars printed?
- All our calendars are printed with the CMYK color process on state-of-the-art offset Komori printers. We also offer free proofing and file set-up, and free technical support, 24/7.

No other online printing company offers all of these services together for free!

What stocks do you use?
-Depends on the calendar type. Generally though, all our products are printed on stocks much more durable than you might expect from our competitors at the same price point.

Wall calendars are printed on 10pt. card stock in either matte or gloss finishes, or on glossy 100lb. paper.

cheap calendar printing - wall calendars

Our poster calendars are printed on 100 lb. paper stock and 10 pt. card stock, both available in matte and gloss finishes.

cheap calendar printing - poster calendars

Card calendars may also be printed on the same 10 pt. card stock used on the other types, but you also have the option to use extra-thick 14 pt. glossy card stock, or 13 pt. uncoated card stock- writable with most pen types.

cheap calendar printing - card calendars

Does the stock I use matter?
-Absolutely. While all our paper and card stocks are thicker and more durable than the industry average, glossy and matte finishes are generally good for different kinds of applications. If your calendars are to be displayed in areas with strong direct lighting, paper or card stocks with a matte finish would be a better choice, since glare would not be much of issue. Glossy finishes are better for areas with soft lighting or if you don't want to sacrifice the finer details in your images.

How much do your calendars cost?
- Costs depend on the calendar types and order sizes. Check out our order page for prices as well as information on the latest promos!

Would printing with fewer colors cost less?
- No. There are no additional charges for printing with more colors. All our calendars are printed in full color, regardless of type.

How do you bind the pages?
-Our wall calendars are bound in your choice of saddle stitch (stapled in the spine as in a magazine) or Wire-O binding (with a durable black plastic wire). Whatever method you choose for binding your wall calendar, you can be sure there's no compromise between quality and affordability.

Card and poster calendars are unbound.

What are the printing turnaround times for your calendars?
Card and poster calendars are ready in 1-3 days, depending on the turnaround options you select. Wall calendars are ready in 4-6 days. Please note that turnaround times do not include shipping.

I've got a calendar design ready and you've got free proofing and all that- but how do I prepare my files for printing?
-Check out our support page for info on prepping your files up for printing. Our friendly technical support team will be more than happy to assist you, free of charge! Just contact our chat support team by clicking on the Live Chat Assistance button at the top of this page, or call our phone support hotline at 1-888-888-4211.

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