Campaign Yard Signs

Tips on Creating a Powerful Campaign Lawn Sign

Printing campaign yard signs may be the biggest thing you could do for your cause. Whether they’re for raising awareness about a certain issue, pushing a political candidate, or promoting a product, yard signs are the right tools to successfully reach your goals.

There are different things you need to remember when working with campaign signs. Here are a few:

Pick the Right Homeowners

Homeowners are usually open to having signs put up on their lawns, especially if they’re for a worthy cause. However, they can be picky when it comes to products or candidates. In cases like this one, you should only give out yard signs to supporters of the candidate/product so that the signs are not put to waste.

Know Where It’s Best to Put up Your Signs

You need to figure out where it would be best to put up your signs. Obviously, you’ll want to place your signs in as many high-traffic areas as possible. Knowing where you’d like to stick your signs would give you a better idea how many signs you’ll need. The last thing you want is to end up with more signs than you need.

Have a Call to Action

It’s not enough that people know what you’re fighting for; you must also tell them what they need to do. Be sure to create a design that includes a line or two with information on how they can help. Do you want them to buy a product, support a candidate, spread the word, or contribute their time or money? There must be a specific action they should do.

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