Birthday Postcards

21 Creative Postcard Designs to Celebrate One's Special Day

Sending birthday cards show how sincere you are with your greetings. In a day and age where every greeting can be sent through email or text, birthday cards make a celebrant feel more special. It also allows us to be creative with our greetings, from different font styles to personalized postcard designs. It allows us to convey a more personal and heartfelt greeting.



If you're planning to make a postcard for a friend or any loved one, you may want to make it unique and personalized. You can include a picture of you together in some memorable trip out of town, or of a special moment that you shared with one another. Doing this allows you to relive the moments that you've shared throughout the year.


Aside from its personal use, businesses can also send birthday postcards to clients. They can be sent with the company newsletter or monthly bulletin. Businesses can also send these birthday postcards with exclusive discounts or gift coupons for the celebrant.


Birthday postcards are designed the same way as postcard designs for different occasions. But with birthday postcards, they should be based on the celebrant's personality. Draw inspiration from these creative birthday postcards and create a personalized design for your friend or loved one:

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