Wholesale Business Cards

Three Reminders for Wholesale Business Cards Printing

The printing of wholesale business cards refers to the mass production of your corporate cards to a thousand copies, at the very least. The reason why most people prefer wholesale printing is to cut down on their costs. If you order a limited number of business cards with the idea that you will save money, it can actually lead you to spend more money in the long run especially if you keep on distributing your cards to a large target market. Once you’ve run out of cards to give out, you’ll have to keep on ordering again and again, wasting not only your funds, but also your time.

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Printing business cards by the bulk cuts down cost since the price per piece goes significantly down to almost half the price (sometimes even more than half). But before ordering your business cards in wholesale prints, be sure to check these reminders below:

  • Are your business cards properly designed? Your cards must be able to communicate your brand or business to your target audience. Ensure that the tone, manner and feel of your cards can easily be understood by your market. Not doing so would result to wasted effort and money since they won’t make a good impression to a potential customer. Consult someone who specializes in marketing or advertising to learn how to come up with an effective business card design.
  • Is your design print-ready? There will be instances that you might overlook details of your card design. To avoid this, be sure to check whether you used high-resolution images (300 dots per inch or dpi and above) and your artwork is in a format your printing company recognizes (CMYK, pantone) before order for your business cards. Doing otherwise may result to blurry and pixelated product. Important design elements should also be within the safe zone; otherwise, these can be trimmed off during the cutting process. Finally, watch out for misspelled words and incorrect information in the content.
  • Are you printing with the right company? Does the company offer a variety of card stocks to choose from and use quality inks for printing? Does it offer additional services like design service? Does it have a wide array of other print products like brochures, pocket folders and catalogs in the event that you might need to print some of these materials too? Does it offer a free proofing service without the hidden charges? These are just some of the question you should ask yourself if you want to print with a company that lets you maximize your costs.

Source: digitalmacabre.deviantart.com/art/business-cards-05-252118845?q=boost%3Apopular%20business%20cards&qo=227

Now that you know what to look out for in the wholesale printing of business cards, you can decide which of the printing companies you’ve checked is best of you. If you have yet to find a printing service that suits your needs, search the internet for printing companies that accommodate business cards online.