Tri Fold Flyers

Printing Tri Fold Brochures and Flyers Online

Tri-fold flyers are the alternative to flat flyers offered by printing companies. They have three panels with the rightmost panel folded inward, followed by the first panel. They can be used with a standard and custom brochure printing sizes; this fold provides an efficient layout to show information about your business, goods and services.

You can have tri-fold flyers printed with different paper stock and coatings. Glossy finish has sheen compared to matte coating and uncoated stocks. The size of your flyer depends on the amount of details you wish to disseminate, but the widely used size for this fold is 8.5” x 11”.

In order to get the best value for your money, look for a tri-fold brochure flyer printing company that offers a wide variety of printing options but print at an affordable price. Check out local printing shops or research for a trusted online printing company. Local printers can show you sample prints for your reference, while online shop can send you sample kits (with different paper stocks) upon request. You can save on shipping fees with local shops; but ordering from an online company can save you time and energy.

How do you choose among listed flyer printing companies? Read reviews or ask recommendations from friends. There are companies that offer additional services such as design services and design proofing. You can call your chosen printing company to get more information.