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Find an Efficient Ticket Maker

Choosing your ticket maker can be crucial to advertising your event. You may want to look for a ticket maker that produces affordable event passes printed in good quality. A finely-printed event ticket can be a good marketing tool to supplement your event poster, flyer and other materials that you use to promote your event. It can also be kept as a souvenir by your attendees who have enjoyed your event.

A good ticket maker offers you premium-quality card stock, protective coating and fast turnaround times for your tickets. It also accommodates bulk printing, which is more cost-effective than small orders because each ticket cost less with more quantities you order.

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If you’re a first time customer or uncertain of your file set up, then you should find a ticket maker that inspects your layout before production. A team is assigned to check technical issues on your design like font adjustment, artwork dimension, and image clipping, among many others that need corrections. The team also ensures text readability and fine image resolution of your layout. Once done with your design, they will return back the proofed version of the file to you. The corrected file will contain the safe zone where your design should be placed and the edge of the page that is cut to size.

For those who need more help in creating their ticket desing, templates are available and can be downloaded for your convenience. These set-up files specify areas, lines for folding and perforation, and borders that should guide you in the creation of your ticket design. Using these pre-developed layouts should make your production easier and faster.

UPrinting.com offers ticket printing at affordable prices. We print your tickets on 10 pt. card stock with glossy finish. We have 10 available templates that you can choose for your 5.5" x 2" tickets. Get your designs ready for free proofing by our prepress department for error-free prints. Order in bulk and save in your printing costs! For more questions on event ticket printing, call our customer service representatives now!