RSVP Postcards

Tips in Preparing RSVP Postcards for Your Events

Formal invitations normally come with RSVP cards for guests to fill out and return to the host. These postcards are common in wedding invitations or any similar formal event. RSVP postcards can also be used for an informal or casual event. These gatherings could range from regular parties to non-profit events such as fun runs or volunteer affairs.



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By Irene Baranyk


These cards present you with two choices — attending or not attending. You may also be given the option to choose your preferred dish at the event. Postcards can be used by organizers to know what their guests prefer when they decide to attend. Aside from food, guests can also select their seating placement preference or even indicate how long they can stay in the event.

To help you prepare a formal event that you're organizing, here are a few tips that we've compiled to help and guide you in preparing your design:

Prepare the choices
Create a simple layout for your RSVP choices - the details may depend on the theme of the event. If the event is formal, present the RSVP in a formal tone so that guests would respond appropriately.

Create a Design and Layout
The design of an RSVP card is based on the event’s theme. For example, company inaugurations cards are normally designed as simple as possible, with only borders and minimal details. The purpose is to let the guests focus more on the RSVP and not on distracting graphics or patterns.

Prepare a Guest List
Having an organized guest list can help you sort the attendance list for your event quicker. An organized guest list can also allow you to prepare the appropriate amount of food or seats for the venue and such.

Address your RSVP
Creating a list of your guests' addresses can help you send RSVPs in an organized manner. If you're going to have these postcards printed by a printing company, have them print the names of your guests and addresses produced through variable data printing. This allows you to organize the RSVP postcards in any way you want, and it will lessen the number of anonymous replies.

Having a printing company handle your postcards can save you both time and effort. Though you can print them on your own, printing companies can offer better printing quality and you can save a lot if you order your RSVP postcards in bulk. Formal events can be hard to organize. To make preparations easier for you, you can opt to use and send RSVP cards to your guests.

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