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What You Should Look For in a Printing Company

Your marketing materials are direct reflections of your business. This is why your materials need to be of high-quality to put your brand in a good position in the market. To arrive at high-quality prints, you need a professional printing company that doesn’t stop at just giving you quality prints but gives you quality service as well.

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Here are three basic things you should look for in a printing company:

Free Proofing
Look for a printing company that makes sure you don’t waste money on defective prints and offers digital file checking for free. A good printing company understands that you can become very busy which may cause you to commit design errors such as border problems, important information getting trimmed off during cutting process, or low resolution images which may result to blurry or pixelated printouts. As a printing company that’s concerned about you and your business’ welfare, UPrinting offers Free File Review – a proofing service absolutely free of hidden charges.

Cheaper by Bulk
Some printing companies charge by unit price. Go for a printing company that lowers the cost the more orders you place. However, some printing companies give discounts for wholesale orders but you realize that quality is compromised once you get your prints. Common cases are inconsistencies in color and vividness of images from one copy to another, inconsistencies in size, poor images, or low grade material. Look for a company that not only gives you discounts but also promises quality prints.

Additional Services for Reasonable Cost
A good printing company anticipates your needs as a businessman and therefore makes additional services available for you. Examples of these services are:

• Design – Expert graphic designers will make an artwork according to your request and conditions.
• Mailing – Your marketing material is sent directly to your target market hot off the press.
• Custom – Allows you to personalize the shape, size, finishing, and other specifications of your print project.Such services allow you to personalize your printing order and make things easier at your end.

Look for a printing company that treats you as a valuable business partner and therefore gives you quality customer service, quick turnarounds, quality custom printing services, and fast response. Next time you have a printing project, check with these guidelines and maximize the value of the money you’re willing to spend.