Postcard Envelopes

Postcard Envelope Design Inspiration

Postcards can either be mailed on its own or inserted in envelopes. If you decide to use envelopes, try to make your envelopes look fun, stylish and unique. You can try putting images on it. You can try different fonts, patterns and color schemes. You can try searching for different designs and templates in creating these envelopes for your postcard projects. You can download a pre- made template and just change the color scheme, the font style and the text. You can also try making an entirely new design from scratch

If you want some inspiration in creating your design, here are some examples for your postcard envelopes.

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Postcard Envelope 1

Postcard Envelope 2

Postcard Envelope 3

Be creative in designing your 1-color envelopes -there are absolutely no restrictions! You can go for a simple look to an entirely eccentric design, it's your choice!

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