Legal Letterhead Printing

Three Key Components of a Legal Letterhead Design

Legal letterheads are just like any other corporate letterhead. They are used by lawyers as a way of introducing themselves and as a sign that the letter you received deals with legal matters. Aside from its professional use, legal letterheads are also used as a branding tool for law firms or professionals.


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Just like in any other business, law firms also create brand identities to establish a steady flow of clients. You can start creating your firm's brand identity through letterheads. You can send letters with your letterhead to clients or use them in transactions that your firm has to deal with.

Creating a legal letterhead is just like making any business letterhead. To help you create your own letterhead, here are some factors you have to consider:

In creating corporate stationery, you have to make sure that the whole collection should act as one complete set. You can do this by using the same color in designing every piece of your stationery; this includes letterheads and business cards. The readability of your letterhead also relies on the color that you're going to use. Traditionally, letterheads use the color black or similar dark colors.

Having your own legal letterhead means you wish to create a branding identity against the competition. For you to create a unique identity the only image that should be on your letterhead is your firm's logo. You can place your logo either on the lower right, upper left or the top center. Remember that your letter's purpose is to convey your message to an individual or a company, so make sure that your letterhead design will not hinder them from reading your message.

The font is an important part of your letterhead. It must always be readable and work with the rest of the design. You can use a maximum of two font types for your letterheads. This may be helpful in highlighting important details like contact details, your business address or the name of your firm.

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