Invitation Printing on Card Stock

A Quick Guide on Card Stock Invitation Printing

In folded invitation printing, the card stock you use is just as important as the artwork of your design. Your choice of coating and card stock thickness contribute to a feel you want to share with your recipients.

Below are examples of how you can add a personal touch to your invitation through your card stock:

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Choice of Card Stock Thickness – Point is the unit of measurement that determines the card stock's thickness. To get the point, 500 card stocks with a size of 27" x 39" are piled up and weighed. The higher the point, the sturdier and more heavy-duty the stock is. The commonly available card stocks are:

•  10 pt. coated/uncoated

•  13 pt. uncoated

•  14 pt. gloss/matte/high gloss

•  15 pt. gloss/matte/high gloss

•  16 pt. gloss/matte/high gloss

If you prefer thicker invitation cards, there are printing companies that offer 17 pt. card stocks. For folding options, you’ll need to have the card scored.

Choice of Card Stock Coatings – Coating can add ambiance and even provide extra protection to your invitation design. The common coatings available are:

•  Gloss – This coating adds shine and makes the colors of your design more vibrant.

•  Matte – This coating tones down the color of your design and adds a smooth feel on the card.

•  High Gloss – Commonly known as UV coating, this makes the design shinier than regular gloss.

Types of Card Stocks – There are many types of card stocks made available by online printing companies for your invitation printing needs. Here are some of the commonly offered card stock types:

•  Textured – You can feel an embossed or extruded patterns on the card. Some common textures are weave, mat, tile, leaf, and clouds.

•  Colored – Some card stock come in different colors and pre-designed patterns.

•  Scented – There are card stocks that have a pleasant smell for an added feel.

You can have your card stock colored, textured, scented or a combination of any or all of the three. Some printing companies offer more choices. Call your online printer and ask for more information.

Choose the right specs for your card stock. Personalize your invitation more by combining options that are available.