How to Make a Letterhead

A Quick Guide on Creating Effective Letterheads

Sending out advertising mail is one of the classic ways to introduce new products in your catalogs and establish your brand. This is why every company needs a good set of letterheads. These stationery designs can help you create a good impression to your clients whenever they receive your letter.

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How to Make a Letterhead

Letterheads contain your company logo, name, address and contact details, aside from the appealing design that uses the color scheme of your logo. Not only will these information help your customers know more about your company, but also create consistent branding to your marketing efforts.

If you are planning to make a letterhead design, keep in mind that your goal in making letterheads is to generate leads and to put your company out to the public. Below is a short but simple guide on how you can design your letterheads:

  • Use the same logo that you apply on your other business materials. You should avoid constantly changing your company logo. This can cause confusion on the part of your customer, so make sure to remain consistent with a single logo that you will use on all your marketing tools.
  • Decide which colors to use on your project. If your business is using a specific theme on all the other marketing tools, you can use this on your letterheads too. When you do not have one, you can just choose two colors that match each other to keep your design simple. Pairing white with any other hue is a safe, yet effective design for any print material.
  • Work on your style. You can add borders on your set of papers if these will match the design. Depending on the nature of your business, remember that the layout must give a corporate or innovative look.
  • Include a catchy phrase or slogan at the bottom or upper part of your letterhead. This can create a unique and quick explanation on what you offer. Just make sure to keep it short to avoid overcrowding your letter.
  • Never forget to add the right company details. The company name and contact details must be spelled correctly. Proofread this part before sending the design for print to avoid losing a client due to wrong spelling or a missing number.

With these simple tips, you can already order the ideal letterhead for your marketing purposes. The only thing you have to think about now is the high-quality printing.

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