Hotel Door Hangers

  • Eye-catching full color printing
  • Printed on premium cardstock
  • Die-cut hole keeps door hanger in place
  • Optional perforation for your contact info, loyalty card or coupon
Hotel Door Hangers

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Hotel Door Hangers: Good Communication Tool

Door hangers are most commonly found in hotels or inns. That's because using hotel door hangers are good communication tools between guests and hotel personnel. It offers convenience to the guests because they can communicate to the hotel personnel their requests like "Please make up room" when they are away and even a simple "Do not disturb" for privacy. This helps both the guest as well as the personnel because they would know their guests' requests. This helps to serve the guests better and give them an overall good experience. 

Hotel door hangers is not limited to leaving a message but can be multi-purpose. It can be used as a decoration, message board and a reference of hotel services. When guests head out to their rooms, door hangers can entice your guests to avail of your other offered services such as the spa, gym or café.

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Among the other products and services offered, the hotel's logo is present. This an important marketing tool because the logo carries the name of the hotel. Another practical application for hangers is they serve as a simple decoration for the hotel room doors. offers you quality hotel door hangers. You can choose matte or glossy finish, whichever you think is suitable for your design. For questions, you may call our customer service representatives now.