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When a business opportunity comes, you’ve got to grab it and never let go. That’s why businessmen and professionals never leave home without a business card. However, are business cards enough to seize an opportunity? The answer is — of course not! Just having business cards with you won’t seal that deal. In fact, worse comes to worst, you cards may even turn a potential client off. Having business cards is not enough; you’ve got to have high-quality business cards to make a favorable impression.

When you hand out your business card, the first thing your potential client will notice will be its color. It is not enough that your business card has color; its colors should be vibrant and crisp to capture attention. If you want to use red, you should probably go for a shade like bloody red.

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The moment your card falls on their hands, the next thing they notice is the card itself — they look at the card’s physical attributes like the feel, touch and thickness. There are several kinds of professional paper business cards available. Some are textured while others are finished with matte or gloss coating. There’s also UV coating too. The important thing is for your card to not be flimsy and is protected from wear and tear.

Clients will look closer and observe the design of your card next. Your card’s design is essential in making a lasting, favorable impression. Design pertains to your card’s color theme, mood, cut and overall appearance. The color theme and mood depend on the kind of product or service you offer. Business cards come in different sizes but have a standard size of 2” x 3.5”. Some would be a little bigger, others are a little smaller. But the common thing is that they’re all convenient enough to distribute on any event. The cards are commonly rectangular in shape, but it’s also possible for these to have die-cut shapes. Every element should work together for a card to have great design.

High Quality Business Cards 2

Lastly, and probably the most important aspect to consider, is clarity. The images and the content should be recognizable and readable. All other aspects of your card would be moot if your client cannot contact you because they can’t read its content. Make sure your content is not overpowered by the background images and colors to maintain readability.

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