Custom Invitations Printing

Four Printing Tips for Custom Invitations

For an event to be successful, you need to plan a lot of things. One of these things would be the custom invitations you’ll be using. Invitations are an essential tool for creatively informing guests about your celebration. It is important that you carefully work on the design and layout of these invites to get the right impression.

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By vanityclaire

Some would hire design experts to work on their while others prefer to work on their own. It is actually easier to make invitations yourself as long as you have a quick guide.

To help you get your ideal invitation design, here are tips you could try:


By Alexandra Chioini

  • Know the theme of your event. Invitations are used for different occasions so it’s important to know what kind of party you are hosting and what theme would be used. If you already have a motif, then apply this to your invitations for a more elegant and coordinated look.


By sarbeen

  • Mix and match colors. Your invitations would look more attractive when you use colors that complement each other. Try to play with different shades when designing to see which would make your project more vibrant and elegant. You can also go with classic colors like white or black if you want your invites to have a professional look.


By Rachel Pomroy

  • Add appealing photos. Pictures can explain a lot about the event so be sure to include some attractive shots. If it is a wedding invitation, you could use an image of the couple. You should also include catchy phrases that would add creativity to your custom cards.


By Devon Monahan

  • Decorate invitations with embellishments. When you are done working on the design and have already ordered your work from an online invitation printing company, you can add details to the invitations by placing adornments like ribbons or scrapbook designs. You can also match these with elegant envelopes.

With these simple ideas, you would definitely have a great time designing your custom invites. Remember to also ask for advice or feedback when you’re done with the project to be sure that the invitation cards are at their best.