Custom Catalog Printing Company

Creating Custom Catalogs through an Online Printer

Uses of Catalogs Developed Through Custom Catalog Printing Company

The custom catalog printing company will assist in the creation of custom catalogs that will allow customers to view and have more information about the services and products that a company provides. Wise customers demand a catalog before availing any product in a company. This material is like a balancing tool for a website and other prints.

Catalogs are very useful for several purposes. It works as an agent of your business and go together with other forms of communication. Through a catalog, customers will have constant access to your products and services.

Printing Specifications

Through the services, a catalog can be customized to the sizes of 5x8, 8x11 and 11x17. The contents of the catalog such as the graphics, images and logo can be made to suit the overall theme of the advertising.

As a multi-page print, the catalog needs something to keep the pages all together. Binding is the practical answer for this. The custom catalog printing company provides several options for this like perfect binding, saddle-stitching, side-stitch binding, case binding, plastic bomb binding and three–ring binding. The kind to be used depends on the number of pages contained in the catalog.

The Company’s Printing Technology

For the quality development of the catalog, the custom catalog printing company employs the premium grade paper stock of gloss and matte. The inks used are also first-rate to make sure that the result would be brilliant colors and images. For the actual production, they have several processes that customers can choose from including digital printing, screen, color, and offset.

They also have high quality printers, presses and scanners for the fast and efficient production. An automated system is used for a smoother workflow and fast completion of a catalog printing project.