Custom Calendar Printing

Tips on How To Design An Effective Calendar Advertisement

Calendars allow your to record your daily activities and schedule your plans. If you have a business, however, calendars can be used to gain exposure and establish brand recognition in the market when handed these out as gift items to consumers.


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Calendars can help your business be remembered not only by people who receive them, but also by those who see them. By displaying these at places with high foot traffic, calendars becomes a subliminal ad; every time they check the calendar, people will see the name of your business. As a business owner, you can also boost your event's attendees by giving out free calendars for every purchase receipt or by reaching a certain number of purchases during the duration of the event. You can give out your calendars through promos or sales that you hold throughout the year.

To help you create your own custom calendar, here are some tips on how to design your calendar and maximize your promotion and advertising opportunities:

Convey a message
Have your message – may it be a greeting, a better year ahead or just a heartfelt thanks for their support to your business – printed on the calendars for your customers to read. Its one way of showing how much you appreciate your customer's support for your business.

Take advantage of the calendars space
Make sure to take full advantage of the space that's available on your calendar; every page can be used to advertise your business. You can utilize monthly pages and put information about your products or services on each.

Use pictures of your product
Always use the actual images of your products. You can hire a professional photographer or you can use a simple camera and have the images optimized for calendar printing by a designer. Showing your product or service's actual photos will level your customer's expectation with your company's advertising and promise.

Put in some useful advice
Include a how-to guide on the calendar together with your product. Some helpful tips on keeping a product in top shape or cleaning the product will get your customers to visit the calendar for new tips and how-to's on every page.

Never forget your corporate identity
Make sure that you include your company logo to build your brand identity on the calendar design. It'll not only help people recognize your brand and products but also boost your company's branding and identity campaigns.

Once you're decided to use a calendar for your business' marketing and promotion, just give UPrinting a call and let us handle your printing needs for you. We provide calendar printing and high-quality services at affordable prices. You may call us at 1-888-888-4211 for more information.