Clothes Tag Printing

Unique Ideas for Printing Clothing Tags

A clothes tag can be a helpful tool in building a product brand for a clothing line that you own. It allows you to sell your product more effectively, as you can use it to provide the clothes’ strong points. For example, you can put on your clothing tag a list of the materials that you've used to make the clothes. You could also explain the way they were made – some clothing lines indicate that the clothes they produce are “made by hand,” thus giving the product a certain exclusivity or uniqueness to it.


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Having tags for your clothing line can help boost the chances of your products to be bought. People perceive products with hang tags as a quality product worth the value of their money. It also gives your customers the idea that the clothes you provide are made by professionals and assures them that your company is of high regard.

A clothing tag can also be used to provide a short history of how your business began – from its humble beginning to its eventual success. It always touches people to read the success story of a business. Aside from your success story, you can also provide a short rundown of the process that your clothes undergo.

You can use clothing tags in a number of different ways, so to help you decide on what to do with your clothing tags, here are some unique tips:

Use them as event passes
You can use a clothes tag as an event pass for a fashion show that your company is sponsoring. This way, customers will keep the tag so that they can participate in the event. This can also be helpful in attracting more people who are interested in fashion and clothing.

Provide shopping tips
You can provide simple shopping tips to your customers through your clothing tags. You can tell them how most clothing lines produce limited stocks, or they can see more unique finds on the clothing racks. Your customers will consider it a helpful tip and they'll be able to learn more from your store.

Provide fashion tips
You can use clothes tags to provide fashion tips for customers. You can put an advice about what top to wear when wearing a pencil-cut skirt or what accessories would complement their figures. You can also include inspirational, fashion-centric quotes from well-known fashion icons.

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