Cheap Catalog Printing

Printing Cheap Catalogs That Don’t Look Cheap

Unlike other printed marketing materials, catalogs can be costly to produce because they have more pages and are produced in more quantities. Nowadays, just when we need to tighten our belts even more, can we afford to invest so much money for catalog printing? Or should we cut back on the quality of the material or on the design so we can save in printing costs? Given that in brand promotions more is usually better, can we afford to go for cheap catalog printing?

That depends on how you define cheap. Cheap doesn’t always mean greater value. Price and value are two totally different things and aren’t directly connected. When looking for the right printing company, you want to look for value, not price. However, this puts you between a rock and a hard place; do you spend less or aim for high quality? Why not do both. You can print cheap catalogs without sacrificing quality. Here are three ways to do just that.

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Instead of printing tons of catalogs every month, do it quarterly. If you don’t have a lot of new products every month, you don’t have to print on a monthly basis. Wait until you have accumulated enough new products/services before printing new catalogs. Aside from cutting cost, this builds up your consumers' anticipation. It's better that they have something to look forward to in, say, three months instead of printing new catalogs every month with nothing much to display.

Print more to save more. When you place more orders, you get to cut cost – especially when you order in thousands. There are printing companies that charge by unit price. This means you're paying the same amount for every catalog copy no matter how many you order — this shouldn’t be the case! Also, you should also be careful of printing companies that offer discounts for wholesale orders but compromise the quality.

Go for an all-in-one printing company. Should you find yourself too busy to design your own catalogs, you will have to hire a designer to put your promotional material together. This means more money out your pocket. Instead of paying for both a designer and printing company, get a printing company that also offers design services. This cuts costs as well as time and effort. In addition, look for a printing company with mailing services available. This saves you all the hassle of mailing the catalogs yourself should you find the need to.

It's good to know that there are ways to have affordable, high-quality catalogs. Here at, we can keep costs down without compromising quality. We give you bigger savings when you order by the bulk. Moreover, we don’t just offer printing services, we also offer our design service and mailing service. All these mean you get cheap catalogs that don’t look cheap at all! And there you have it — catalogs that not only look great, but give you the best value for your money!

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