Business Gift Certificates

Tips to Create Business Gift Certificates that Sell

From shopping malls to salons, business gift certificates are promotional tools used by different businesses to promote their company. Aside from its portability, gift cards not only strengthen relations with long-time clients, but also encourage prospective clients to try out your store.


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If you want to boost your business revenue and reward loyal customers, create business gift certificates that stand out from the rest! It's a clear win-win for you and your customers. To learn how to properly use gift certificates, here are some tips:

Create appropriate designs for your certificates

Since your aim in giving out gift cards is to reward customers as well as promote your business, place your company name and logo that match the card’s design. Put your logo in a prominent area on the card for effective branding.


Include only what is necessary

Gift certificates are generally small in size, so you don’t have to put too many text and graphics. Reserve a spot for your business name, logo, and contact details. Then provide blank lines for the recipient’s name, amount, and expiration date if there’s any.


Keep them simple

Avoid cluttered designs. Be direct to the point and make your gift card's copy legible. Prefer easy-to-read fonts like sans serif and script. Emphasize text by using dark colors over light-colored backgrounds. If possible, limit the colors to one or two. Use high-quality photos and make sure they match the other design elements on the card.


Be more personal

Print the customers’ names on top and specify what you offer. Another alternative is to use blank spaces for a short note. Address your loyal customer along with a simple thank you or greeting message. Also, create different designs for each of your gift certificates to provide a unique shopping experience to customers.


Make them timely

Print gift certificates that would suit upcoming occasions. This will depend on how you create and write your gift cards' design and copy. For example, use colors red and green or include a Santa hat if the certificates are handed out during Christmas.


Maximize their use

Each gift certificate has their own value; treat these no less than their monetary equivalent. Don’t limit the use of your gift cards only to specific products/services with low sales. Also, since customers want gift cards to last a very long time, extend - if not avoid – their expiration dates. Federal laws regarding the use of expiration dates differ according to state so better check them first.


Include clear instructions

Never mislead your clients. If your gift certificates are non-transferrable or redeemable for its cash equivalent, include it. Specify also where and what they should do to redeem the gift card’s value.


With these tips, you now have a better chance to win over new customers and maintain loyal ones. What are you waiting for? Start creating your own business gift certificates now! For more information on gift certificate printing, feel free to browse more pages on our site.