Clothing Tags

Add Creativity to Your Garment Hang Tags

Clothing hang tags are the perfect branding and marketing tools to promote your apparel lines. They're effective attention-grabbers and serve as your product's information center. Hang tags are great for promoting brand awareness and recall. Their primary function is to relay key information to your consumers. They should display basic info like the size and price of your clothes. Imprinting your company name, logo and contact information is also important.  Invest plenty of attention on the design to make them more attractive. A hang tag that commands attention is a hang tag that sells. 

Designing the perfect hang tag can be challenging for some. We've collected some examples here for inspiration:


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by Matthias KaedingSource:

  by Sophia TarasovaSource:

by Amy YipSource:

by Jorge CastilloSource:

by juan camilo rojasSource:


by Col BlackwoodSource:


by Stephanie Hiser LeoneSource:


by Jayson ChabreSource:


by Link CreativeSource:


by matthew ebbingSource:


by Livia PlamadealaSource:


by Allison CatuiraSource:

by Chris Kissam



by Kristin HinkleySource:


by juan camilo rojasSource:

  by Cassandra HartterSource:

by Allison CatuiraSource:


by Roberto SantamariaSource:


by Treasa EwingSource:


by Jorge CastilloSource:

We hope that you were able to get come inspiration for your hang tag designs.  Now keep in mind, that designs are not the only thing you need to work on. Investing on the quality materials and printing is important. If you want to know more about this marketing tool visit our product page.