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Pie Boxes

  • Easy assembly pillow boxes for small pies
  • Choose the size, finish, & color for your design
  • Made of 3 thick, sturdy cardstock choices
custom pillow boxes

Pie Boxes That Preserve Your Creations Upon Delivery & Takeout

Stand out every time your customers order your specialty pies. Customize colorful pie boxes that keep each slice warm and ready to eat. Our custom pie boxes come in sturdy, easy-to-assemble pillow boxes. Simply pull and push down on the side panels after inserting your sweet or savory creation inside the pillow. Customers can easily eat it on the go or carry it in their bags before they can sit down and enjoy the pie. Find out how you can create pie boxes that will distinguish your baked goods and the unmistakable pull of your brand.

The UPrinting Advantage of Custom Printed Pie Boxes

Choose a size that fits the exact dimensions of your pie

interior dimensions

Custom pie boxes that are too small or big for your food product will end up damaging it. You also need a little space for the pie to breathe and keep it fresh. Before making estimates for the box, measure the length, width, and depth of your pie. From there, you can base the dimensions for the box itself.

To accurately measure the box’s dimensions, use the guide below. Note that the length, width, and height must account for the inside measurements and not the exterior ones.

Customize the details to match your branding.

The exterior of your pie boxes for sale is where you’ll highlight your bakery or restaurant’s logo and name. Maximize the front and back sides to remind customers who you are. You can also include other informative details at the back such as your list of ingredients, consumption recommendations, and maybe a little background on your small business.

Depending on the weight and texture of your pies, you can manufacture pie boxes on the following materials:

  • 14 pt. cardstock is a lightweight yet durable option normally seen in standard business cards. Highly recommended for small, easy to carry pies.
  • 18 pt. cardstock is a little thicker than the standard and can take the weight of pies with thicker exteriors. Suited for pies that need more support but are working around a limited budget.
  • 24 pt. cardstock is the thickest option available. The best option for those with higher budget and need a more luxurious feel to their packaging.

Start with a sample box or order in bulk to maximize your budget.

Want to make sure your custom pie boxes with a logo accurately fit the slice? Order 1 sample and we’ll produce it based on your specifications. One pie box starts at $33.88.

How to Customize and Create Your Pie Boxes

Create the design on your preferred editing program

Use any of the following editing programs to start your custom printed pie boxes design:

  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign
  • Microsoft Publisher

Request for a dieline template

Based on the specifications from your product and the design file, input the details in our online calculator and request a dieline template. A flat PDF proof showing the exterior box panels will guide you on where to place each section. After using this file guide, save the design file in AI, JPEG, PDF, PSD, or PUB, depending on your editing software.

Review and approve the free PDF proof

After you've sent the design based on the dieline, we'll review the file for any technical corrections and send it back in a PDF proof for you to approve. We will only produce your box based on the file once we’ve received your approval.

Available dimensions and materials not what you need?

Request for a custom quote from our team. They’ll walk you through the printing options available and see what can be combined to create your design.

Packaging Ideas and Small Business Stories

Q: Can I upload a file you can use to produce the pie boxes?

A: No, but you can request a dieline template. This is a free PDF file showing the flat layout of the box’s exterior. It includes the printing guidelines and box panels so you can adjust the design for accurate production. If you have more questions about the dieline template and design process, you may contact our customer service representatives.

Q: Is my file reviewed before it’s sent to production?

A: Yes, all designs go through a comprehensive check to ensure it meets our print standard requirements. To find out more, check out the step-by-step guide on the UPrinting difference.

Q: How long does it take to manufacture custom printed pie boxes?

A: Your order will be shipped after the indicated production time. The standard time for large quantity orders is 10 to 15 business days. If you want to expedite production, you can cut it to 6 to 8 business days. Orders of 1 sample box take much faster between 3 to 5 business days.