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Supply chain disruptions and labor shortages are causing delays for some orders.
Please allow for the possibility of an incremental 1-2 days when ordering. Thank you for your understanding.

Business Card Boxes

  • Create vintage or modern designs for any genre
  • Choose the exact dimensions for book deliveries
  • Fast and easy assembly; no glue or tape required
Make Book Boxes Now
custom book boxes

Packaging for Literature Made Easy with Book Boxes

Give your bookworm customers a unique but memorable unboxing experience from the comfort of their homes. Create book boxes that will fit one or several curated masterpieces for quick and easy delivery. You can design each box such that it reflects a particular theme common to several titles or the genre one author is known for.

corrugated book box
You can also customize book boxes that promote your bookstore’s e-commerce services. Add useful details such as updates on your ordering site or promotions for new releases. Build custom book boxes that can be used inside their home libraries or another form of storage for small spaces. Looking for more ideas? Here’s how you can customize the details for a unique reading experience:

UPrinting's Literature Boxes

Discover the Best Tips for Creating Your Custom Book Boxes

Find ways for you and your customer’s stories to connect.
Like the stories found in every book, your box needs to connect with the customer or reader. Plan every detail—from how the colors, text, and shapes go together to tell your bookstore’s story. Make sure the elements appeal to their tastes and preferences. Find an angle that will make your bookstore’s story interesting, such as how you started as a small mom and pop. The majority of your consumers are likely millennials finding meaningful ways to spend time at home. Initiate the connection this generation seeks, as having one with your business will influence future purchases.

Create something reusable and made of recycled materials.
Today’s consumers are more eco-conscious. The environment is considered whenever they purchase a product, so it’s important to highlight your company’s own sustainable or recyclable practices. Print in any of our sustainable, recyclable sturdy corrugated cardboard to start. From the materials to inks used in production, UPrinting does its part to reduce landfills and recycle all possible materials.
Maximize the recyclable book packaging materials used and put together a structure they can reuse at home. You can create a special set for customers who live in small apartments. Include instructions on how they can repurpose the box into a book stand, gadget shelf, magazine organizer, or even a pet house.

Build a design from scratch and see it in 3D online.
Our online calculator and design tool keep things easy for both the novice and experienced creator. Input the exact size for your books, select the best color of corrugated material, and the total order quantity.

Fast and easy to assemble upon arrival. to preview your box and see your custom artwork unfold in 3D. The tool gives you free rein in designing both the exterior and interior of the book packaging. After completing the design, you can request a free PDF proof to approve online before printing.
Have a limited budget and need to see a sample before committing to a larger quantity order? Start with a sample box and we’ll produce it in 3 to 5 business days.

Complete Your Book Packaging

Customize a packaging experience for books sent out as gifts.

Custom Book Boxes FAQs

Q:Can I order 1 sample box and have it delivered immediately?

A: Yes, the mailer boxes are made of sturdy corrugated cardboard that can withstand external impact. These are also easy to assemble and require no adhesive to seal. All book packaging mailers come scored as a guide on where to fold the box. The video below shows how to assemble each mailer book box:

Q:What is the best box size for books?

The size will depend on the book size, the number of titles, the book(s)’ thickness, and how they’ll be arranged inside the box. If you’re packaging individual books, it’s best to estimate from the exact dimensions of the title. Refer to the illustration below on how to accurately measure each dimension: The ranges for each dimension are as follows:

  • Length: 3" – 25"
  • Width: 2" – 25"
  • Depth: 1" – 15"

Q:How soon can I receive my book boxes?

A: Your book packaging order will be shipped after the designated production period. The standard production time for bulk orders starting at 25 boxes is 20 to 25 business days. You can also pay an additional fee to expedite production to 6 to 8 business days.

Q:Can I upload a print-ready file of my book box design?

A: No, we do not accept file submissions for custom boxes. But you can input the box’s specifications based on your design and request a dieline. A PDF file of a dieline will be sent for you to use. The file is a flat layout showing the box panels and printing guidelines. This ensures no detail is missed and in the correct sections once printed.