Stretched Canvas Sizes

Print your Photos on Stretched Canvas instead!

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Are you planning to hang family portraits and artworks to the walls of your home or office? Stay away from old-fashioned and fragile photo frames and have your photos printed on stretched canvas instead! Not only does the texture of poly-cotton blend of stretched canvases make your prints more appealing, but their satin coating also prevents the images from fading through time.

Below are some of the standard sizes of canvas prints:

11” x 14". This is ideally hung on the walls of small rooms. Although you can use this canvas with any image or art work, it is most appropriate for small art pieces and portraits. It is not advisable for acrylic paintings but it is a widely-used canvas size.

16” x 20". Its uses are similar to 11”x 14”. However, it can be used for paintings as well.

Stretched Canvas Sizes_16x20

18” x 24". This is a popular size that has been used by painters because the color, shapes and other painting elements can be seen much clearer on this canvas size.

20” x 24". This is used as poster designs and prints to be affixed towalls of big rooms or medium-sized convention halls. However, the size is not that popular among artists.

Stretched Canvas Sizes_20x24

24” x 24". This square canvas can be used to decorate larger rooms. One technique that can be applied in hanging this canvas size is to place it side by side another painting or one of a four-part art work. When used with three other 24”x 24” canvas, you can come up with a 48” x 48” or 24” x 96” wall décor that can enliven a dull wall.

24” x 36". This size is good to use in large rooms because it justifies the purpose of the canvas print — to design the area. The artwork on this canvas can be clearly seen across the room. This size is also ideal for paintings because the brush strokes used on the artwork can be seen and appreciated more. Landscape images will also look good on this canvas.

Stretched Canvas Sizes_24x36

The photo frames available in stores have limited sizes. However, with stretched canvas sizes, you have more sizes to choose from. The size of your stretched canvas must be proportion to the size of the area that you’re displaying it on. Naturally, the bigger the room, the larger your canvas should be.

If you place a small canvas print on a convention hall, the artwork will not be seen clearly; thus won’t be appreciated. Similarly, placing a large canvas in a small room, it would eat up space and the area will look more crowded. offers stretched canvas printing. We use HP Z6100 large format printers to produce premium-quality prints of your images and art designs. We can mount your canvas prints on 1.5" thick wooden frame; choose between a gallery-wrap and museum wrap type of mounting. Decorate your boring walls with a stretched canvas! For questions, call our customer service representatives now!