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Bandage Dispensers

Extraordinary ways to showcase your brand

  • Multiple color options available
  • Light and compact for easy storage and mobility
  • Perfect giveaways at trade shows and events
Bandage Dispenser with Primary Bandages
  • White easy-carry bandage holders
  • Slide-in refillable dispenser
  • Includes 5 bandages of assorted colors
Bandage Dispenser with Standard Bandages
  • White compact bandage dispensers
  • Quickly slide bandages in and out
  • 5 free latex-free bandages included
Colored Dispenser with Standard Bandages
  • Choose from 5 bright color options
  • Slide bandages for easy access
  • Includes 5 free standard bandages

Find the bandage dispensers that will suit your brand.

You have the choice of three variants:

This proves that custom-printed bags are effective marketing tools. Now you just have to choose which one suits your business.

  • Choose bandage dispensers with primary bandages if you want to give them to medical professionals and healthcare providers.
  • Pick plaster dispensers with standard bandages to give out to athletes or people always on the go.
  • Give colored dispensers with standard bandages to parents and their children or to schools and day-care centers.

Whatever your choices are, you can never go wrong when you print bandage dispensers as they are first-aid essentials.

Customize your bandage dispensers to fit your brand.

Print your logo directly onto the bandage dispenser. You can add your tagline or a product/service promo. There are 22 different print colors to choose from.

For colored band-aid dispensers, you can choose from five different color options: translucent blue, translucent, translucent orange, translucent purple, and translucent red.

You can print bandage dispensers anywhere from 500 up to 5,000.

Start customizing your bandage dispensers now and get them shipped straight to your doorstep.