FREE 11" x 25.375" Take-Out Menu (Z Fold) Templates

Free Take-Out Menu Templates

It is imperative that you follow bleed dimensions and margin when making an artwork for take-out menus. This is to ensure you receive high-quality printouts. For this reason, we offer our downloadable free templates.

Easily download take-out menu templates online by signing in or signing up (if you don’t have an existing account with us yet). For questions on the file setup templates we offer, call us for more details. Avoid defective print-outs, tailor-fit your take-out menu artworks with our setup templates now.

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11 x 25.375 Z-Fold Take-Out Menu Templates

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1. Select Folding/Finishing
  • Vertical
  • Horizontal Half Fold
  • Horizontal Trifold
  • Horizontal Z Fold
2. Select a File Type
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