Custom Shaped Business Cards: 32 Sexy Samples

Sometimes, all you need is a die-cut shape to enhance your already sexy business card design. A custom shape can make your cards more exciting to look at and allow them to stand out.

See how a shape can work its wonders even on the simplest design in today’s round up of custom shaped business cards. Learn how you can create a business card in the form of circle, leaf, rounded corners, or half circle with the help of the examples below.

Do not forget to visit the designers’ websites to check out some of their amazing work!

Custom Shaped Business Cards


Designer: Wodu.

Designer: Kristina Miletieva

Designer: Eric Peraza


Designer: Karl Herbert

Designer: Mental Squint

Designer: Sinustiv

Rounded Corners


Designer: Ghostlight Creative

Designer: Alexey Malina

Designer: Lofty Word Creative Solutions

Designer: Anood AlMulla

Designer: Matthew Nagy

Designer: Kaleb Colema

Designer: Nikki Kim

Designer: Mihai Ragea

Designer: 2Slides

Designer: Edouard Domenici

Designer: Kudosis

Designer: Alan Valek

Designer: MTwo

Designer: Defign Create Factory

Designer: Molly Sugar

Designer: Hamuck Web Design

Designer: Matthew Nagy

Designer: Stephan de Wolf

Designer: Johannes Klotz

Designer: Groundwave Design Corp.

Designer: Mark Dormand

Designer: Wodu.

Designer: Robinsson Cravents

Rounded One-Corner

Designer: Jovan Suhecki



Designer: Corey Little

Designer: Bauerhaus Design

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