54 of the Best Flyer Design Examples We’ve Seen in 2016

Let’s start with a disclaimer: Not all these flyers were made in 2016, but thanks to how search engines work we were only able to come across them this year. That said, we’ve seen several interesting developments in “best flyer design” practices, namely with what seems to be the waning of pure flat designs and the return of gradients — thankfully in more understated forms.

Here are some of the best flyer design samples we’ve seen from designers and creative agencies this year.

1.) Claudia Alexandrino

This hip flyer design masterfully pulls off a color palette that not a lot of other designers use.


2.) Alexandra Turban

The proliferation of the “middle-school notebook come to life” aesthetic continues to be charming.


3.) Tess Redburn

This is likely the most engaging real estate flyer we’ve seen in a long while.


4.)  Face

Elaborate patterns and negative space can work together.


5.) Overloaded & Pahito

This rather old-school event flyer surprises with a well-executed blend of traditional and modern elements.


6.)  Anymade

This Czech example manages to be both hip and timeless.


7.) Agência Matriz

You shouldn’t discount creative use of live elements, even in this digital age.


8.)  Jimena Gamio

We hope Jenna found a great roommate! This is an incredible approach to a problem many urbanites have.


9.) Mellow

This is an expected look for many nightclub flyers, but this example takes the complexity to a different level.


10.) Suji Allen

“Tasteful kitsch,” if such a thing is possible.


11.)  Karoly Kiralyfalvi

Audiophiles and musicians alike might get a kick out of this minimalist flyer.


12.) Moby DiggZOO,

The vaporwave look seems to have arrived in the mainstream this year.


13.) Eugenia Anselmo

This flyer is a solid piece of information design.


14.) Das Department

It’s hard to get rid of this kind of minimalist style no matter how sick you might be of it. It just works.



The washed-out aesthetic of old catalogs and other ephemera wasn’t intentional and was mostly due to a limit of old printing technologies. This example combines modern style with a warm, familiar look.


16.)  Company Folders

Who says gradients don’t work?


17.) Joanna Kosinska

If you’re building a design portfolio, this is how you do it.


18.) Matias Corea, Raewyn Brandon and Jocelyn K. Glei

Fold-out flyers aren’t only for more space. They can be used to emphasize one big point.


19.)  Shaun Hill

This flyer masquerades as other print materials. Meta design, maybe?


20.) Julie Joanny

The “lapels” are a great touch.


21.)  Loulou and Tummie

Flat design really shines in the flyer format.


22.) Darren Nguyen

Complex die-cut flyers on cardstock may not always be the cheapest or the simplest to ship — but they sure turn heads.


23.) Ellen Bruss Design

Flyers can also work when oriented horizontally. This example is specifically intended to be used either as a flyer or postcard.


24.) Bravo Company

This example from Singapore doubles as a head-turning door hanger.


25.) Goooood Company

This incredible design incorporates several of the best practices associated with minimalist design, yet isn’t simplistic. Wouldn’t mind owning one of these, just because.


26.)  Olivia Olive Products

Never thought a flyer design could make olives be this exciting!


27.) Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

This eye-catching promotional flyer by Tower Records for J-Pop singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has unexpectedly punk roots.


28.) Shop Spotlight

This isn’t exactly what many of us think when we hear the word “timeless”. But this is exactly what this design is. Come back to it in 10 or 20 years and we’ll bet it still works great.


29.) Baby Jupiter

One color design was once borne out of necessity. No one needs to execute these designs anymore, but they can still look great.


30.)  Ed Price

The “techo” look seems ingrained into many nightclub flyer designs. This example manages to avoid looking like everything else, which is saying something.


31.)  Marco Oggian

One problem many minimalist designs have is that they are minimal to the point of omitting import info. This flyer does it right.


32.) Zim & Zou

Hey, we like penguins.


33.) Ross Gunter

Using a matte stock makes a difference. This design would not work quite as well with a gloss finish.


34.) Giuseppe Fierro

Straightforward design is often the best, especially when lots of important information is involved.


35.) Michael Higginson

It’s fairly challenging to make these many different fonts work together.


36.) Andersdenkend

Gradients and flat design can work well together.


37.)  Jacopo Severitano

Don’t discount the power of one good photo.


38.)  LouLou & Tummie

This same concept would be awesome if expanded into a trifold flyer.


39.) Eszter Laki

Another standout horizontal flyer design.


40.) Nicole Jacek

This experimental flyer design uses lenticular printing to create an interesting effect.


41.) Piotr Szmilyk

Designs that require accurate edge-to-edge printing are best done through a professional printing service that offers manual proofing.


42.) Martin Azambuja

This color palette can get out of hand if you don’t know what you’re doing.


43.) Valerie Jar

I’m getting hungry.


44.) The Prince Ink Co.

The proportions of this design could easily be transposed onto a bookmark.


45.)  Joris Rigerl

This flyer design calls for some extremely accurate proofing.


46.) Justin Krout

This is the best flyer design for contemporary visual design since breaking down images to their geometric basics is a staple.


47.) Kristie Kam

This Hawaiian-themed flyer blends the traditional with the fashionable.


48.)  Joshua Benedikt

I’d pay to watch this, based on the flyer alone.


49.) Joel Felix

This flyer design oozes pure Americana.


50.)  Steve Wolf

As does this one. It even makes the monochrome image work for it.


51.) Glenn Jones

One of the wittier concepts for a flyer we’ve seen.


52.) Guillaume Kasima

This whimsical flyer looks good enough to keep for its design alone.


53.) Rich Scott

You may have seen these around NYC. Pretty basic, but everything just works.


54.)  Tobias Tietchen

The repetition in this piece really makes these otherwise basic flyers pop.


What do you think is the best flyer design you’ve seen in 2016? Comment below.


Arthur Piccio: Arthur Piccio is a feature writer and subject matter expert for theUPrinting Blog.