55 Creative and Unique Calendar Designs

Calendars can be more than just a tool for remembering dates or promoting your business. This set of unique calendar designs really pushes the possibilities of this often overlooked medium as an artform. Having an interesting calendar isn’t just for aesthetics either. Making your calendar unique will also make it more likely recipients will want it, and want to keep using it. From your company’s point of view, that means more brand impressions. If the design is particularly inspiring, your calendar might even be left up for more than a year.

We’re always on the lookout for beautiful and unique calendar designs, and we thought we’d help those of you on the same quest by sharing this collection of refreshing and creatively designed calendars from past years. You’ll find poster calendars, wall calendars, and other unexpected formats. They’re definitely worth a look. We hope you find some inspiration for your own designs.

Refreshingly Unique Calendar Designs

Qianzhi Gao

Ordinary People

Ordinary People

Vero Navarro

Marieken Hensen

Lee Jaegoo

Slanted Publishers

Stepan Azaryan

Studio Armadillo

Manwar Hossain

Ilia Kalimulin

Kate O’Hara

Philip Stroomberg

Mr. Cup, Barral Fabien

Smmr Design

Alejandro Sans

Ana Peres

Minerva Lopez

John Lee

Raquel Feria Legrand

Anna Shepeta

Arif khan mojlish

L Filipe dos Santos

Jason Little, Ivana Martinovic, Sam Pemberton, Joao Peres

David Weik, Todd Lemmon

Dimitris Papanikos

Aleksey Bystrov

Foreign Policy

Mar Hernandez

Tim Hansen

Carlos Coelho

Anastasia Gerali

Aleksey Bystrov

Jason Wilkins

Grzegorz Matyszewski, Michał Danek

Franz Jeitz

Pawel Pilat








Sunday Press Books

cats let nothing darken their roar

design you trust

Geo Nacpil

Geo Nacpil

Geo Nacpil



Hisaiah Hwang



Whether you already have a unique calendar design ready or want to create your own from scratch on our site, we hope those designs gave you a few ideas. Here are a few pointers to help your calendars come together.

1.) Think of the theme first.

It will be so much easier to design your calendars if you already have a vision for them. Something that engages your target audience while keeping your own promotional needs under consideration would be just what you might need.

2.) Use an easy-to-read date display.

It would be a shame if no one could actually use your calendars. Try sticking with an easy-to-read display, and people will still want your calendars, even if they’re not particularly fond of the design. And if they keep using your calendar because of the

3.) Don’t clutter all the available space.

One mistake many designers have is horror vacui, or compulsively filling the entire space with detail. While this in itself isn’t necessarily a problem, it could leave your calendars unable to actually give dates at a glance, or unable to leave a strong brand impression, simply because everything looks too cluttered.

Check out:

4.) Choose an appropriate format.

Different designs may not necessarily translate well into different formats. Something that works for a multi-page wall calendar probably wouldn’t work for a comparatively small card calendar. Some unique calendar designs may not be entirely suited for conventional formats. Be sure to contact your printer to discuss your possible options.

5.) Use only high-quality images.

Using high-quality images will make your calendars look professional and will give justice to your unique calendar design. Before you print, check out How to Get Your Image File Print-Ready to better understand what your printer needs to deliver the best possible results.

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Disclaimer: Images on this page are not owned by UPrinting and are used solely for design inspiration.