30 Creative Letterhead Designs

A good letterhead is a requirement for any business and any office. What better way is there to stamp your office’s name on the letters and memos that you send out than by using your own letterhead design, right?

After all, first impressions last and it’s important to make sure that all of your branding tools speak well of you. Your correspondence and other corporate stationery are judged by your clients (and probably your coworkers and employees) the moment they receive it. The design of these materials should both be simple and creative and it should help get your message across and give you a unique identity.

For today, we have compiled 30 creative letterhead design samples that are sure to impress specific clienteles. I’m sure you’ll find something that you can take inspiration from. To see the sources (and the artists, too), just click on the images. Also, tell us what you think on the comments below.


30 Impressive Letterhead Designs































Other than having a great design, your letterheads should be of high quality print, too. Unfortunately, your laser printer is just not up to the job.

Printing letterheads in bulk is what you need to save time and money, especially for full-color prints. It also makes the colors on your letterheads crisp and consistent. Check UPrinting.com’s letterhead printing services and find out how to have your own letterheads printed. After a few months, you’ll see how much you’ve saved, too.

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