24 Creative Newsletter Designs for Your Inspiration

Here are a few newsletter designs to inspire your own!

Newsletters are print or online publications that contain news, features and images about a single topic. They are distributed by organizations/companies to their subscribers to encourage participation and increase sales. A newsletter’s primary purpose is to help build positive relationships by providing useful information on a regular basis.

If you’re planning to publish your own newsletters, you should keep in mind that having a good layout is just as important as having quality copy. For the quickest and easiest way to design your newsletters, you can use these free newsletter templates provided by UPrinting.

Also, below is a collection of creative newsletter designs which should give you a ton of ideas and inspiration! Check them out and don’t forget to leave a comment after.

Lacoste Legends

EAE Spring

Dakota County



The Cut

ADeLine Corporate

The Garden Path


Anonymous Company

The MacArthur Foundation


Viñoly: Kimmel Center

Pooch Scoop


Big Brother Big Sister

Case New Holland – Global Product Support

Ocean Conservancy


Museum of Modern Art

UNHCR “With You”

Ledcor Spring

Hamilton Woodtype

Anonymous Company

While you can also print your own newsletters by yourself, multi-page documents that have proofing, folding, binding, and alignment issues are much harder to resolve yourself compared to single page printing. In most cases, having a professional printing service will also be cheaper than self-printing per unit, especially when you’re printing larger volumes.

Another issue with multi-page documents is that it can be a challenge to create professional-looking folds and bindings yourself. Most businesses may own their own printers, but few would own the machines that create the divots for perfectly aligned professional folding or the binders that staple or stitch different sheets together.

When looking for newsletter printing services, make sure to find one that actually manually proofs and inspects your document.

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