16 Environmental Awareness Posters & Advertisements

Here are a few ads with environmental messages that really work.

The call for environmental awareness has been around for a while; if not continually reinvented, the message loses its impact on the audience, just like any other advertising or promotional campaign.

Environmental awareness campaigns are not a new thing. Calls to protect the environment have been around almost as long as industrialization, with some of the first modern environmental protection laws being passed in mid-19th century Britain.

Themes have remained more or less the same, and most environmentally themed ads look fairly alike. Fortunately, there are some great designs and ideas out there to keep the message alive and the concern highly relevant to people’s everyday lives.

Here are 16 creative examples of environmental awareness posters and designs for your inspiration, whether for design or the continuing crusade for a greener world.

Environmental Awareness Posters and Advertisements

What makes a good environmental advertisement?


Almost exactly the same as any other ad.

  • Connects with its intended audience.
  • Can be easily recalled.
  • Provides information quickly and succinctly.
  • Contains a strong call-to-action.

For environmentally-themed advertisements, a fifth quality may be included: Integrity.

These days, it’s not nearly enough to just pay lip service to the idea of sustainable, environmentally-friendly practices. Consumers today are more critical than ever about unethical practices that could be seen as greenwashing.

If you’re going to run a print ad with an environmentally-conscious message, it’s just that much stronger if you actually practice what you preach. This means going with a print service that minimizes it’s impact on the environment with sustainable business practices.

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